Reader-Response Criticism


A heart warming text of Psalm 23 enlightened the mind of individuals as James Montgomery wrote this masterpiece, showed the Lord’s blessings and guidelines that makes the individual dwell in His house forever.

A text showing that Lord is my shepherd, that guides me towards my every day life. From the times that I felt too downed of myself. Lots of failures and mistakes triggered me to stop living, but as I open myself to God, He showed to me that there’s still a bright path where I can walk at ease and start my journey to continue living in this world.

” I will fear no evil, for you are with me” this line showing that we must realized that we must fear God and fear no evil and that’s the right thing to do. By the demonic power that the evil brought, we must developed our guts and trust in God for we can’t be eaten by the power of evil and stand out by the power of God that supplies into our everyday life.

Showing the good deeds of our Lord, for our safety, from any harm that we faced. We manage to overcome those challenges with His strengths that addresses the important things to us in giving us a full protection.

An encouraging text that fulfill everyone’s empty hearts, from its soothing message that gives hope to us. The text was successfully delivered its message and spread it for the enlightenment of people’s mind showing that Lord is the shepherd that supports our back towards the problems that we faced. In addition, that this text is a work of art that entertained my inner self and triggered my spiritual being.

Overall, the text is outstanding from delivering its message with good values to readers. I hope that I could read more inspirational text like this in the future and discover more masterpiece works of James Montgomery that would give me lessons and helped me to become a productive one. Lastly, I want to recommend this text to those who felt hopeless in life. As they tried to read and analyze the meaning, indeed that they will gain hope and might saw a bright path to continue living cheerfully in this world.


Discrimination towards Women’s Virginity

Women who possessed courage are the one who stands out and didn’t let men overpowered them. Women are fragile, they easily become broken due to the words that society strike to them. With the modern society that we are in now, various of discrimination happens towards women and one of the worst situation is, questioning women if they are still virgin.

Virginity referred to a person who had never done sexual intercourse. Other traditions, believe that virginity is the only gift of a woman to her husband after marriage. But as the Gynecologist of Shivani said that ” Women now a days involved in various physical activities, like men. They play cricket, hockey, kabaddi, long jump and high jump and the hymen tears due to these activities.” In short, that women can’t assure always to preserved their virginity and give it as a gift to their future husbands because they are the only one who is responsible to their body. Women’s qoute said ” My body, My rules ” so lets give respect and give time to hear their reasons before we take an action that could possibly brought them distractions.

Men attacked women by questioning about being still a virgin. As women develop some guts to reply back the same question, are men willing to answer honestly? We all know that there’s an evidence towards proving women’s virginity while there’s no evidence on proving men’s virginity. But if the two persons planned to be with each other, virginity is not required to proved that women is worthy to become a wife. Thus, trust, love, and respect for each other are factors that signifies that both of you are meant to be each other.

Lets give respect to each other in everyone’s identity, gender, color, culture and physical body. So that as we give respect, we can also recieve a respect from them and that would lead us to aroused unconditional loved at each other and avoid growing some issues that could sunder the relationship that bond us.


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The destructive unusual storm that destroys the Andrea Gail and wiped out its fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts. It was a masterpiece of Sebastian Junger that became a famous movie 21 years ago. Featuring Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Diane Lane and William Fichtner.

Here are some trivias about the film Perfect Storm.

•The storm named Hurricane Grace.
The storm in the movie was formed by the remnants of Hurricane Grace in late October and early November 1991.
•. William Fichtner experienced seasickness.
During the film
William Fichtner fights seasickness during the film by wearing a wristband and drinking Dramamine.
Michael Ironside was mistaken for his role.

Michael Ironside as Bob Brown in the movie, the owner of Andrea Gail was apparently mistaken for the character he plays, by one of the town locals.
•Water devices used to create Big waves.
The water devices that have been on set ro create Bigwaves are wave machines, water cannon and two huge dump tanks.
Wolfgang Petersen gets and advice from a fisherman.
When they started filming, an old fisherman said to Wolfgang Petersen, ” Get it right”. According to reviews of real fishermen, Petersen believes they did.
•George clooney wants another role.
George Clooney was actually wants another role, but Wolfgang Petersen needed him to be a Captain of Adrea Gail.
•Bo Goldman an assistant scriptwriter given a credit.
Although not listed in the official writer’s Guild of America information, Bo Goldman recieved on-screen credit for having co-written the script.
•George Clooney and John Hawkes worked together on different show.
Along with the Perfect Storm and From Dust Till Dawn, George Clooney and John Hawkes have also worked together on the hit show ER.
•Casting Mark Wahlberg was easy, according to Wolfgang Petersen.
Casting Mark Whalberg was easy: he comes from Boston with George Clooney’s recommendation. According to Wolfgang Petersen, ” It was a handshake and he got the job”.

II. Cast Of Characters and Director

George Clooney as Captain Frank William “Billy” Tyne Jr.

An outstanding captain of Andrea Gail that have a dream to fill the ship of tons of fishes. With his crew they manage to take a voyage in the end of the season to cope up with their bad performance in last session. He is a single father that took care of his two daughters.
Mark Wahlberg as Robert “Bobby” Shatford

A caring and romantic fiancee of Christina Cotter. Son of Ethel Shatford and a native of Gloucester, Massachusetts. He is known for being a hardworking crew in Andrea Gail.
Diane Lane as Christina “Chris” Cotter

A loving, caring and sweet fiancee of Bobby Shatford. She’s always afraid in Bobby’s journey in fishing that she don’t want Bobby to continue that work.
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Linda Greenlaw

A rival friend of Captain Billy in fishing industry. She is an intelligent Captain of Hannah Boden. She is the one who warned Billy in entering the flemish cap.
William Fichtner as David “Sully” Sullivian

A short tempered but a caring member of Andrea Gail. He replace the fishermen who back out. He and Murphy had quarrel about Murphy’s ex wife but lately they become a good friends.
John C. Reilly as Dale “Murph” Murphy

The giant guy of Andrea Gail. He had a son named Dale but he divorced with his wife. He has an anger to Sullivian but suddenly it was settled because of the emergency situation.
John Hawkes as Michael “Bugsy” Moran

A bitter and loud member of Andrea Gail. He had been infatuated to a fat woman at the Crow’s Nest.
Allen Payne as Alfred Pierre

A Jamaican member of Andrea Gail. He was a hardworking member of the crew and he had a live in partner that he always adore.
Michael Ironside as Bob Brown

The owner of Andrea Gail and Hannah Boden that has a rough relationship between the crew members of Andrea Gail especially to Billy. He often pressure Billy because of Billy’s performance.
Janet Wright as Ethel Shatford

The mother of Bobby
Dash Mihok as Sergeant Jeremy Mitchell

A rescue man on the New York Air National Guard rescue helicopter.
Wolfgang Petersen

Wolfgang Petersen is a German film director, producer and screenwriter. He was nominated for two Academy Awards for the World War II submarine warfare film Das Boot. His other films include The NeverEnding Story, Enemy Mine, In the Line of Fire, Outbreak, Air Force One, The Perfect Storm, Troy, and Poseidon.

III. Summary

The crew return from a long term fishing to the Gloucester, Massachusetts and take a break for a while. Their catch was insufficient that motivate Captain Billy to take another voyage. They decided to tackle the last season and start their journey to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland but unluckily their catch were seem inadequate .

In the next day, the voyage headed to flemish cap to catch more big fish even if that area is prone to hurricane and storms. Their catching was a success, where they jackpot big fishes. In the next day, the ice machine stopped functioning. Then captain Billy decided that they have to go home but they need few days to stay and wait for the storm to be perished. But the crew insisted that a 6000 pound of fish will be spoiled if they will wait for few days. Out of being concerned to the fish, then they decided to attack the storm.

The day comes as they enter to the range of the storm, they were thrilled as they conquer the waves with a 40-50 feet tall. Suddenly Captain Billy get nervous and decided to turn back and avoid the storm. They feel safe and secured but sadly, suddenly they feel calm and saw the light that indicates their position is in the eye of the storm. The Andrea Gail can’t hold the storm and some parts of it was flew away. It was not their luck that big waves were approaching and it cause the Andrea Gail to sink down along with its fishermen. That incident cause of unleashing the tears like as the massive of rain dropped. Those brave fisherman remains a history to Gloucester, Massachusetts.


The 2020 Thriller/Drama Film ” The Perfect Storm” directed by Wolfgang Petersen presenting the thrilling, exciting and teary eyeing scenes from the true to life story that have been wrote by Sebastian Junger. The six mighty man crew of the swordfishing vessel Andrea Gail who made a voyage for fishing starting from the Grand banks all the way to the location of dangerous hurricanes, the flemish cap that test the limits of the six mighty man by facing the monstrous storm that ate the vessel and its crew. The film was pretty calm from the first hour and shows its destructive weapon that made the audience mesmerized, skip the reality and grew some tearful emotions in the second hour.

The film was outstanding but there are some characters that haven’t introduce well that makes the audience felt confuse on what would be there relationship to others and there are some scenes that is related to the film but has no connection to the journey of Andrea Gail that pause the thrill of the action that shows at the situation of weather analysis in Mistral heading to Bermuda.

The eminent acting skills that George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and other crew members of Andrea Gail showed, was brought the film into its intensifying level. The exchange of conversations that goes along with true to life emotions that made the audience feel the whole meaning of the story. The out of breathing stunts that Andrea Gail’s crew showed during their hard times on storm were totally showing that they give effort plus the determination to distribute the film throughout the world.

The innovative imagination that Richard Francis Bruce create made an extraordinary impact in every scenes, helped by James Horner who manage the sound and music of the film that give life to every scenarios. Where as one of the audience felt like the sound of the waves, the impact of the winds are true that made the BPm struck theirselves and thought that the film is truly in the middle of the storm where big waves approaching.

The extraordinary cinematography that John Seale showed bring the film into the highest level with the help of the technological machines and gadgets. The enormous waves and the range of the sea that Seale created helped the climax scenario become surprisingly shocking. In addition of its camera’s position that captures an astonishing scene that added in growing the film into its magnificent form.

Lastly, the screen play of William Wittliff added some taste and improvements to Petersen’s creation. The directing skills of Petersen brought the whole aspect of film to a complete masterpiece. He made the true to life story into more invincible that even the other scenes may be fictitious, importantly Petersen made a great job in directing this film to fullfil everyone’s imagination and expectation from the true to life and depict it to an imaginable and amazing movie film.


The Perfect Storm” is one of the sea involved film that touched me most, like the Titanic and Poseidon movie. This movie is interesting to watched because it tackles the challenges not only the fishermen but also the Seafarers where there’s some unusual challenges that they have to faced during onboard.

The first part of the movie seems so calm where it brought good vibes to audiences, some of the scenes felt boring because of its irrelevant to the movie but its advantage is it gives some nervous or concerned on what is happening to the main actions/scene. As of its calming vibe that showed in the first part suddenly the thrill was unfurl all the way to the second part as the storm is approaching. Honeslty as I saw the storm I felt a bad vibe that infiltrates through my body, that signals me that the sea is too dangerous to work on.

With all of its effects and graphical designs that made the film extraordinary, it made the audience including me totally amazed to the outcome of the film. The cinematography, screen play and directing are being nailed by those people behind that position. I thought that this film might be difficult for them to handle especially in making the effects but, over all they manage to keep at ease and reach the final seconds of the film to be completed.


“Live today as if it were your last, but plan on being here for tomorrow”

  • Rustam Irani

The vast sea is indeed a dangerous place to work on. A mysterious place that you can’t predict whether you will have a safe trip or there would be danger that is approaching. The Andrea Gail is a vessel where a lot of memories have been developed and those memories will last forever to the crew and to their families. The moments and camaraderie that they showed was a great one that signifies that everyday is their especial day. They have been eaten by the sea but its not bad because they try and keep trying hard to escape the storm and meet their family. But those tries were failed that leads them for not being present on tomorrow.

“We must wait for the exact time and give value to our lives”

We must wait for the exact time and give value to our lives for we can ensure the safety that we need, in order for us to sleep comfortably and wake up tomorrow with a smile on our faces. As the crew of Andrea Gail decided to face the storm rather than waiting for it to perished, is the decision that leads their life into a miserable one. What if they wait for the storm to be perished in exchange of the fish that would become spoiled. Its just a day and it ensures that they can go back home on time. They don’t have to exchange their life to the quality of fish because as long as you were alive there’s a lot of time or chances to catch more fish, if this situation they considered most then they would be save from the storm.

” Success thrives when people work as a team”

Success can be seen or can be achieved completely if you and your crew work as a team. There is no person who can stand and stays stronger in facing hard battles, in facing many challenges because we are not robots who can control everything with our own, cause we are humans who need a helping hand to overcome the battles in everyday life. The crew of Andrea Gail always showed the camaraderie that lead them to catch more fish and felt ease to the battles that sea’s offer to them. The teamwork during lifting some big fish and putting in the storage room, manage the fishing equipments and helping others when they are in dangerous situations are the things showing that it’s not all the work of one, but it is all about working as a team to complete the task and to accomplish something.


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The vast sea attracts me of its beauty where I can fully feel and see the brightest light when morning comes and the brightest stars when evening comes. As my sights and feelings captivated of the sea’s beauty, the word “Seafarer” rapidly arouse in my mind that if one day when I would become one, the hardworks showed by my parents will paid off and the goals in life that I dreamed of will turn into reality.
Kyle Jude Gloria, a 17 years old boy that have a lot of plans in life is now conquering a journey towards of becoming a seafarer. So as I conquer my journey I want to explore more and share my ideas through posting blogs in this site because as I explore and experience more I feel like it gives improvements and upgrade my knowledge into the next level.

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During the week we’re often walking out the door with a coffee in one hand and slice of toast in the other, but on weekends breakfast is never rushed. It’s a late affair, sometimes spilling over to lunch, with lots of reading and chatter in between courses of fruits, poached eggs, honey and toast. One of our favorite things we like to serve when friends are visiting are buckwheat blueberry pancakes.

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