Reader-Response Criticism


A heart warming text of Psalm 23 enlightened the mind of individuals as James Montgomery wrote this masterpiece, showed the Lord’s blessings and guidelines that makes the individual dwell in His house forever.

A text showing that Lord is my shepherd, that guides me towards my every day life. From the times that I felt too downed of myself. Lots of failures and mistakes triggered me to stop living, but as I open myself to God, He showed to me that there’s still a bright path where I can walk at ease and start my journey to continue living in this world.

” I will fear no evil, for you are with me” this line showing that we must realized that we must fear God and fear no evil and that’s the right thing to do. By the demonic power that the evil brought, we must developed our guts and trust in God for we can’t be eaten by the power of evil and stand out by the power of God that supplies into our everyday life.

Showing the good deeds of our Lord, for our safety, from any harm that we faced. We manage to overcome those challenges with His strengths that addresses the important things to us in giving us a full protection.

An encouraging text that fulfill everyone’s empty hearts, from its soothing message that gives hope to us. The text was successfully delivered its message and spread it for the enlightenment of people’s mind showing that Lord is the shepherd that supports our back towards the problems that we faced. In addition, that this text is a work of art that entertained my inner self and triggered my spiritual being.

Overall, the text is outstanding from delivering its message with good values to readers. I hope that I could read more inspirational text like this in the future and discover more masterpiece works of James Montgomery that would give me lessons and helped me to become a productive one. Lastly, I want to recommend this text to those who felt hopeless in life. As they tried to read and analyze the meaning, indeed that they will gain hope and might saw a bright path to continue living cheerfully in this world.

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