Discrimination towards Women’s Virginity

Women who possessed courage are the one who stands out and didn’t let men overpowered them. Women are fragile, they easily become broken due to the words that society strike to them. With the modern society that we are in now, various of discrimination happens towards women and one of the worst situation is, questioning women if they are still virgin.

Virginity referred to a person who had never done sexual intercourse. Other traditions, believe that virginity is the only gift of a woman to her husband after marriage. But as the Gynecologist of Shivani said that ” Women now a days involved in various physical activities, like men. They play cricket, hockey, kabaddi, long jump and high jump and the hymen tears due to these activities.” In short, that women can’t assure always to preserved their virginity and give it as a gift to their future husbands because they are the only one who is responsible to their body. Women’s qoute said ” My body, My rules ” so lets give respect and give time to hear their reasons before we take an action that could possibly brought them distractions.

Men attacked women by questioning about being still a virgin. As women develop some guts to reply back the same question, are men willing to answer honestly? We all know that there’s an evidence towards proving women’s virginity while there’s no evidence on proving men’s virginity. But if the two persons planned to be with each other, virginity is not required to proved that women is worthy to become a wife. Thus, trust, love, and respect for each other are factors that signifies that both of you are meant to be each other.

Lets give respect to each other in everyone’s identity, gender, color, culture and physical body. So that as we give respect, we can also recieve a respect from them and that would lead us to aroused unconditional loved at each other and avoid growing some issues that could sunder the relationship that bond us.


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